Web site Danirex International has been developed for the purpose of achieving maximum Accessibility possible, ie, we want to facilitate access to web site information to more people possible, including people with sensory disabilities.


To achieve the goal of maximum accessibility compliance has been pursued and Recommendations initiative WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) proposed by the W3C , such as Guidelines content accessibility on the web (WCAG) and also the web site has been tested by assessment tools such as taw3 , eXaminator, etc.

There are three levels of compliance with the above guidelines and also give information about the degree of compliance with standards.

  • Priority 1: are those things that a Web developer has to comply because, otherwise, certain groups of users could not access the Web site information.
  • Priority 2: are those things that a Web developer must comply because if they do not, it would be very difficult to access information for certain groups of users.
  • Priority 3: are those things that a Web developer must comply because, otherwise, some users may experience certain difficulties in accessing information.

A priority levels are associated the following conformance levels:

  • Conformance Level "A": all the checkpoints of priority 1 are satisfacend.
  • Conformance Level "Double A": all checkpoints of priority 1 and 2 are satisfied.
  • Conformance Level "Triple A": all checkpoints of priority 1, 2 and 3 are satisfied.

In Danirex International has set the minimum level considered necessary for this project is the level under AA , although some patterns of the higher levels are also valid.


If the user is not satisfied with the text you are reading, the browser provides possibility of changing their color, size or specify a full css file to change that default includes (in Firefox ctrl + +, Ctrl - are shortcuts to change the font size page). Some pages without graphical format are displayed as the browser settings.

To make the site more navigable is implemented via keyboard shortcuts, using keys shortcut or access keys, no mouse support. The tab key is used to scroll the page from link to link. In different systems can be used to quickly access the sections. In Mozilla Firefox by pressing alt + shift + button in Internet Explorer by pressing alt + key and then enter, and Apple Safari on Mac, control key.


Additionally, this browser is complemented by a web site map facilitates understanding of the structure of the site for the user.

Some accessibility guidelines

Finally we highlight some of the accessibility guidelines that were followed:

  • Separation of graphical information presentation so that users who wish can navigate the content more quickly, if they opt to disable downloading style sheets in your browser.
  • Separation of information from their graphical presentation ð sources have relative dimensions, meaning that the user can control their size through the browser.
  • Code XHTML and CSS we use conform to the approved formal grammars by the W3C to ensure the proper display of the content in different browsers and platforms.
  • Usability and Navigation: Navigation is organized in a structured and consistent following the main standards web usability.